Trends and basics of Scandinavian interior design

Have you noticed how Scandinavian interior design has changed lately? A while ago, all you’d think of a Scandinavian design was minimalism, and black and white.

Things are however changing fast. Scandinavian interior design is moving in a new and fresh direction focused on earthy pigments, sculptural shapes, textures, and warm living space. This is what you’d call the new trend in Scandinavian interior design.

Color palette

The new Scandinavian interior design trend is moving away from the past style defined by total black and white, to a style more nuanced. The outcome is a living space that is more welcoming and cozier even when the minimal Nordic signature mood is maintained. The total black and white signature style has now been replaced by warm natural colors. Perfect background shades are now warm off-white hues ranging from beige to champagne.

Textured wall surfaces

Don’t paint your wall smooth white anymore. Walls should now be part of the style in the new Scandinavian interior design trend. Therefore, various textures should become interesting backgrounds for your house. Get together micro cement and lime-washed finish to give your walls and virtually any other surface a tactile feel.

Decorate your rooms with prints

Decorate your house with prints of different sizes. It’s okay for the prints to be black and white or neutral colors. Look for watercolors, abstract motives, portraits, etc. Mix different frames whether in black, in groups, or wood. To ensure the frame size and placement are correct, stick some masking tapes on the walls where you intend to stick the frames.

Rugs and cozy fabrics

Working with different forms of fabrics is another great way of bringing extra texture and style to your home. Rugs, cushions, and curtains will immediately add some feeling of coziness to your living space. Make sure you go for natural fabrics to go with the seasons. Pick light linens for the warm season and wool or mohair for the cold season. Remember to choose fabrics having shades of neutral and grey, or earthy and muted hues, like burgundy, and terracotta.

There are numerous ways you can decorate your house to fit your preferences and above all, region. Scandinavian interior design isn’t complicated at all. It’s minimalist, functional, and simple. For color palette and surface textures, there is nothing out of the ordinary. It’s just a careful thought and choosing what works and what doesn’t.

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